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WI'm a 28 year old married mom of two, and have been unsuccessful at getting past my freshman year at college. I've been to about 5 schools, and changed my major umteen bazillion times. I'm settled on a school msinly bevause i live in the boondocks and its closest to me. Its either Sam Houston State University, or go completely online. I currently have 18 hours of passing credits.

Ive narrowed my decision down to a few majors and schools.

I'll either attend SHSU and major in EC-6 Education with certifications in EC-4 English/Lang. Arts, Reading, & Social Studies and EC-7 Technology Education, or go to SHSU and major in MIS, minor in Education, and become certified in EC-7 Technology Education and shoot for a position at a ISD in their technology department.

See, i want to continue the legacy; my family are all teachers, my mom taught first grade for 23 years, then became intermediate principal, and is currently our entire districts curriculum director. Her parents, my grandparents taught as well. My Granny was computer lab teacher for 35 years, and my Pawpaw taught and coached here for 32 years.
It also doesn't help that with teaching its a contact position, pay is better than what I've got now (which is nothing because my hubby and i are unemployed atm and ill be a stay at home mom until our kiddos are in school fulltime), ill have the same schedule as the kids, health and dental, retirement, and a respected profession. If i got a degree in MIS i could still get a position at an ISD if i wanted, but id also have the option of running my husbands field computer tech business with him and possibly work from home. My only drawback from teaching is that i don't want yo deal with discipline issues, or angry parents, and I'm really nervous about being alone with so many kiddos!! LOL

Ive also been thinking of going to San Juan College online, getting a distance learning degree in Vet Technology, but the benefits wouldn't be that good, no contract, lower pay, but i have a passion for it and i know id be good at it. What should i move forward with??? Any input??

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mahasin From: mahasin Date: November 14th, 2013 12:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
Honesty, at this point I'd recommend you not worrying about picking a major and instead focus on the required classes everyone has to take. The Gen Ed stuff, English 101, Math 101, etc. Once you get those down it'll be a lot easier to pick a degree field and regardless of what degree you pick, you'd still need to take the core classes.
akcipitrokulo From: akcipitrokulo Date: November 14th, 2013 01:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
I don't know enough to give an opinion on your options - but from what you've said, especially about the passion, I think you're going to be a great teacher!
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