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Oh emm gee!!

Im so over the moon!! I cant share with anyone else in my family yet but as of a week ago im off BC!! Were not actively trying but not preventing our third (and final) baby!! We have 2 daughters, our oldest, Taryn Ayana will be 3 April 3, and our youngest, Teyla Aubrey just turned 1 on Jan 12. Were hoping to have conceived by the time shes 18 mos. Hubby wants a boy but id love another girl. If its a girl her name will be Teagan Anne (after a special family friend and hubbys favorite aunt who passed) and for a boy ive chosen Treysen (havent thought of a middle name starting with A)....of course hubby wants a jr, but im not fond of that idea lol I cant wait to breastfeed this time around. I know lots more than i did with my first so i hope its easier this next time, i also have more friends and support and hope to make my goal of one year and possibly beyond! With my 2nd DD, November of last year my granny passed suddenly and due to grief, etc my milk dried up and we only made it to 9 months (DD was supplemented as well because of an ongoing supply struggle). Wish us luck!!

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